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Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch Elm Disease (DED) is an introduced, fungal disease caused by a vascular wilt fungus (Ophiostoma ulmi and/or Ophiostoma novo-ulmi).┬áDED affects the conductive tissues of trees. Conductive tissues in trees are like human veins. They carry water, minerals, amino acids and sugars to every part of the tree, like our veins carry blood. Without the […]

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European Larch Canker (Lachnellula willkommii)

European larch canker, caused by the fungus Lachnellula willkommii, is a serious disease in many parts of Europe. The disease is also present in Japan, China, and Russia. In North America, the disease is only found in the Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and in five counties in Maine, […]

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