Fact Sheets

Please use the following fact sheets to learn about and identify some of the invasive species we have, or could have soon, on PEI.  Click on each fact sheet link to view/download a PDF version.  Hard copies of all fact sheets are available at the Island Nature Trust office, at 15 Crown Drive, in Charlottetown.


Invasive Plant ID Fact Sheets:

Common Buckthorn

Giant Hogweed

Himalayan Balsam

Japanese Knotweed

Purple Loosestrife

Scotch Broom

Yellow Flag Iris

Canada Waterweed

Flowering Rush

Oriental Bittersweet


Invasive Plant Management Fact Sheets:

Common Buckthorn Management

Garlic Mustard Management

Himalayan Balsam Management

Japanese Knotweed Management

Purple Loosestrife Management

Scotch Broom Management

Yellow Flag Iris Management


Invasive Insect ID Fact Sheets:

Japanese Beetle

Emerald Ash Borer (not present on PEI)


Other Fact Sheets:

Pathways for Invasive Species: Transportation and Construction

Wildflower Seed Mixes

Garden Waste