What can you do?

Invasive species threaten PEI’s natural beauty and its natural resources. We can all do our part to preserve nature on PEI.

90% of the land mass on PEI in privately owned. That means that most of the invasive species on PEI will be found on private lands. As a land owner there are many things you can do to prevent the spread of invasive species on your property:

  • Learn more about invasive alien species in PEI, including how to identify species of concern.
  • Choose your plants with care. If you don’t know what it is, reconsider.
  • Choose native species whenever possible
  • Carefully inspect and clean clothing, gear, animals, and vehicles before visiting a new natural area.
  • Do not transport plants, seeds or animals into or out of PEI.
  • Never dump garden or pond waste in a natural area.
  • When disposing of IAS, they should be placed in a clear plastic bag, clearly identified on the bag what it is, and taken to Island Waste Management Corporation’s Waste Watch Drop-Off Centers for incineration or deep burial. Please refer to Island Waste Management’s sorting Guide.