Cypress spurge is a herbaceous perennial plant.  It grows in open, disturbed areas such as pastures, abandoned fields, ditches and coastal areas.


Here are some key features that may help to positively identify cypress spurge:

  • Can grow to 10-40cm tall
  • Leaves are small, linear-shaped, 1-3cm long and 1-3mm wide, whorled around the stem
  • True flowers lack petals, sepals
  • Greenish-yellow heart-shaped bracts under flower
  • Flowers turn to purple-red as they mature
  • Blooms May – August
  • Mature fruit has three lobes, each containing a smooth, gray seed
  • Reproduces through lateral root buds
  • Cypress spurge is shorter and less robust than leafy spurge and has more, smaller leaves

Cypress spurge is considered a priority species for the PEI Invasive Species Spotters Network.  If you see this plant, please report your sighting.